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Mature male hand pouring a glass of water from tap in the kitchen sink

9 Facts About Dehydration That May Surprise You

Do you wake up thirsty? If so, the reason may not be that you’re dehydrated from drinking too little water throughout the day.

Burning candle decorated by wooden stars, hazelnuts and pine cones standing near window on wooden cut board

Is Your Favorite Holiday Candle Toxic?

Along with the many fragrances have come health concerns that scented candles release toxic chemicals and contribute to indoor air pollution.

Two African-American woman exercising together in a city park, by a large fountain on a city waterfront

Cardio is Great, But Don’t Forget Strength Training

Regular physical activity has many health benefits. But it’s not just about aerobic exercise. Strength-training is important too.

Girl choosing healthy lifestyle, practicing yoga near sport equipment and vegetables

5 Ways to Improve Your Health – Starting Today

Are you hoping to live a healthier life? Most of us want to lose weight, have more energy and manage seemingly chronic health conditions without a lot of medications.

6 Tips to Improve Mind-Body Well-Being

Whether you’re juggling stress or one of the millions of people with chronic health conditions, it’s never too late to make lifestyle changes to improve your wellness.

Young man pouring fresh water

Is Bottled Water Healthier Than Tap Water?

Choosing between tap, filtered or bottled water can be confusing. We take a closer look at all of the options available to you.

7 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

In the fight against cancer, early detection and early diagnosis are key. But what can you do to reduce your risk of getting cancer in the first place?

Tired young man in bed closing his eyes before waking up

Here’s Why Permanent Daylight Saving Time Is a Bad Idea

Studies have shown accidents and heart attacks increase the week after we spring forward to daylight saving time. The better option would be permanent standard time.

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