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Infographic: Nutty for Nuts?

Nutty for Nuts?

Common snack nuts like almonds and walnuts are full of fiber, protein and other compounds that can greatly benefit your health. But how many should you eat daily?

Stevia, sugar, pollen and honey

Are ‘Natural’ Sweeteners Healthier Than Sugar?

If you’re looking to improve nutrition and cut your sugar intake, there’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing a natural sweetener.

Vegetarian bowl with broccoli

Plant-Based Nutrition: Good for You, Good for the Planet

Plant-based diets are beneficial to almost every aspect of your health. Learn how this nutritional lifestyle can help both you and the environment.

A pile of colorful candies

Can Red Food Dye Cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

New research raises concerns that a common dye used in processed foods could harm gut health and increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease.

Woman pouring a variety of nuts into her hand

Can You Overdose on Nuts?

Snacking on a handful of nuts between meals can be a healthy habit to develop. But strict portion control is important for many reasons.

Smiling male fitness instructor practicing dumbbell exercise with men in gym

How to Create a New Habit That Will Last

On average, it takes 66 days to establish a new habit, but the good news is you can approach it in manageable chunks.

Woman eats salmon and vegetables

5 Brain-Boosting Foods That Can Fight Dementia

Eating a diet rich in these foods can help slow down the effects of brain aging and can even reduce your risk of developing dementia.

The Power of Peppermint

The Power of Peppermint

Did you know peppermint can help relieve headaches and relax muscles? Learn more about the herb and its role as a natural health remedy.

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