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The Other Annual Visit Women Can’t Afford to Miss

Most women understand the value of seeing an OB/GYN every year. Learn why a woman’s health involves much more than her gynecologic health.

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11 Health Screening Tests Every Woman Should Have

Doctors recommend these health screenings to prevent, detect and treat diseases and maintain optimal health.

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Sex Isn’t Supposed to Hurt and Other Facts About Women’s Sexual Health

A healthy sex life is important to women and men alike. Women have some unique challenges that can impact their sexual health. From body image and relationship satisfaction to physical symptoms like dryness, the good news is that help is available.

Girl choosing healthy lifestyle, practicing yoga near sport equipment and vegetables

5 Ways to Improve Your Health – Starting Today

Are you hoping to live a healthier life? Most of us want to lose weight, have more energy and manage seemingly chronic health conditions without a lot of medications.

Plate with eggs, beans and meat

Choline in Pregnancy Supports Baby's Brain Development

Choline is an often overlooked nutrient that is essential during pregnancy to help with the baby’s development and can provide cognitive benefits into childhood and beyond.

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What You Can Do About Painful Sex During Menopause

Painful sex is a problem that affects the love lives of nearly half of postmenopausal women. Many don't realize the issue is treatable.

Pregnant woman looking at ultrasound photo

10 Common Pregnancy Myths

It can be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. Learn about some of the most persistent pregnancy myths.

Man and woman hold newborn

The Fourth Trimester: A Guide for New Parents

The first three months after having a baby is a period of transition for the whole family as you recover from childbirth and learn to care for your newborn.

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