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Is It Anxiety, Depression, or Both?

Although they can occur together, anxiety and depression are defined by different feelings and symptoms. Learn more.

Host Pete Kenworthy receives an annual wellness exam

The Unexpected Benefits of Primary Care

It’s easy to overlook annual visits to a doctor when you’re healthy and in your 20s. But spending time each year with a clinician who monitors subtle changes could greatly impact the course of chronic illness or disease decades later.

A young woman with closed eyes and taped lips

Is Mouth Taping a Safe Choice for Better Sleep?

Mouth breathing is associated with worsened asthma, allergies and dry mouth. But is mouth taping safe? And does it work?

Mature male hand pouring a glass of water from tap in the kitchen sink

9 Facts About Dehydration That May Surprise You

Do you wake up thirsty? If so, the reason may not be that you’re dehydrated from drinking too little water throughout the day.

A young woman resting lying in bed

Breathe Easy for the Best Sleep

Breathing is a major factor in getting a good night’s sleep. Learn why breathing through the nose, not the mouth, is best for healthy sleep.

Infographic: How to Perform CPR

How to Perform CPR

By keeping blood circulating to vital organs, CPR can keep a person alive until help arrives. Learn how anyone can safely perform the technique.

Are Your Favorite Scented Candles Toxic?

Are Your Favorite Scented Candles Toxic?

Along with the many fragrances have come health concerns that scented candles release toxic chemicals and contribute to indoor air pollution.

A woman reaching for a packet of medicine next to glass of water on her nightstand

“Tripledemic” Causing Shortages of Children’s Medications

A wave of viral illnesses sweeping the nation has caused medication shortages for sick children. Here’s what parents can do.

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