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man sneezing outdoors

Finding Seasonal Allergy Relief With Immunotherapy

When medication isn’t enough to relieve your seasonal allergy symptoms, immunotherapy in the form of allergy shots can help.

Woman looking in the bathroom mirror and using dental floss to clean her teeth

6 Facts About Oral Health

Better health includes good oral health, and your dentist is a great resource for prevention and treatment.

Infographic: 8 Tips to Prevent Lyme Disease

8 Tips to Prevent Lyme Disease

With a few simple steps, you can protect against Lyme disease after spending time outdoors.

Prescription pills spilling out of bottle

Expired Medications: Dangerous or Just Less Effective?

It’s a good idea to regularly go through your medicine cabinet and dispose of expired medications. Learn why and how to safely do so.

Mature man talking to a doctor

Don't Fudge the Facts When You Visit Your Doctor

Honesty is the best policy, particularly when having a conversation with your doctor. Being truthful about your lifestyle is essential for your health and safety.

Family walks outside blowing noses

Respiratory Viruses on the Rise? Yes, But No Need to Panic

During the pandemic, social distancing and masking made respiratory illnesses almost obsolete. They’re making a comeback, but aren’t usually a serious health threat.

Woman tourist applying mosquito repellent on hand during hike in nature

How to Stay Safe From Tick-Borne Illnesses

Summer and fall are a good time to think about how to prevent tick-borne diseases, especially if you spend time in wooded areas.

A mosquito feeding on human skin

What to Know About Malaria After Cases Found in U.S.

It’s unusual to catch malaria in the United States, but a few recent cases in Texas and Florida remind us that the mosquito-borne disease can happen here.

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