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Woman adding CBD oil to her hot drink

CBD Supplements: What You Need to Know

CBD is an oil derived from the cannabis plant. It is legal to buy and use but what does it do? And what are the side effects, if any?

Danail Howell and Robert Trager, DC

Finding Relief From Injuries and Pain Caused By Car Accident

Seven years ago in a small-town Ohio crosswalk, Danail Howell’s life was crushed when she was struck by a car.

susan mulhern

Meditation, Yoga Help Woman Kick Anxiety Medicine To the Curb

Susan Mulhern had met with a psychiatrist before, but wanted a fresh start. Her UH physician recommend she try yoga, meditation, talk therapy and continue her exercise regimen. Soon, Susan was able to stop taking her anxiety medicine.

Chastity Strawder

One Minor Movement

One minor movement last summer changed the life for Chasity Strawder. Bending over, she felt a “pop” in her neck. The pain was excruciating. Chasity didn’t know where to turn; then she found a doctor at UH Connor Whole Health who changed everything.

Ryver smiling on a bed next to his father's guitar

Music Helps Newborn Connect

When his son Ryver was born at just 23 weeks, Tyson Stiles spent many hours in the NICU, where music helped him connect with the tiny boy whom he barely got to hold.

Gale Connor outdoors with arms outstretched

Dealing with Extreme Pain

Gale Connor is an avid trail runner who experienced extreme pain that never seemed to abate. She discovered chiropractic care at UH Connor Whole Health.

Sarah Stilgenbauer paddle surfing

Surfing Again

After becoming a caregiver to her parents, Sarah began experiencing stress and pain in her left hip, which threatened her beloved hobby –paddle surfing. Then she found chiropractic treatment and massotherapy at UH Connor Whole Health.

A integrative medicine specialist showing acupuncture with foot model

Former Runner Finds Relief and Avoids Surgery

A former runner finds relief and avoids surgery with the help of UH Connor Whole Health.

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