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Lungs & Breathing

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Dan Yung on the water on a sunny day

After 45 Years of Unexplained Symptoms, Ohio Man Finds Relief at UH

Experts at University Hospitals collaborate to successfully diagnose and treat 70-year-old Dan Yung’s persistent and mystifying digestive and respiratory symptoms.

Infographic: How Can You Reduce Your Risk From Microplastics?

How Can You Reduce Your Risk From Microplastics?

Every plastic item that doesn’t get recycled breaks into smaller and smaller pieces over time. Here's how to reduce your exposure.

Cars at rush hour driving through thick smog

How to Protect Your Family From Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality is bad for your health, especially for those most vulnerable because of age or medical conditions.


Is Nicotine Gum Harmful to Your Health?

The health hazards of using tobacco products are well-known. But are nicotine gum and other nicotine replacement therapy products a safe alternative?

A woman yawning in bed

The Connection Between AFib and Sleep Apnea

The prevalence of both disorders is on the rise, likely due to increases in obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Family walks outside blowing noses

Respiratory Viruses on the Rise? Yes, But No Need to Panic

During the pandemic, social distancing and masking made respiratory illnesses almost obsolete. They’re making a comeback, but aren’t usually a serious health threat.

A teenage girl with allergies blowing her nose on a summer day

Why A Mild Winter Means a Worse Allergy Season

A mild winter has contributed to another severe allergy season, as pollen is circulating earlier and there’s more of it in the air.

The Benefits of Hospital Care at Home

Hospital-at-Home programs provide hospital-level medical care to patients in the comfort of their own homes.

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