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Babies & Children

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Pregnant woman holding her baby bump

What Causes Morning Sickness? New Study Pinpoints Hormone

The discovery of a genetic link between high levels of a certain hormone and severe nausea & vomiting during pregnancy may lead to improved treatments.

Mom consoles young daughter

How to Help a Child Cope With Loss and Grief

The loss of a loved one can have a profound impact on a child. It’s important to provide extra care and support to help them process their grief.

A young girl sitting on a sofa, feeling bad and suffering from dry cough

Why Tic-Like Behaviors Are on the Rise in Children and Teens

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more young people experienced tic-like behaviors. Most tics are temporary and may subside in a matter of months.

 A female soccer player kicking the ball during a match

The Benefits of Being a Multi-Sport Athlete for Kids

Young athletes benefit physically and mentally by participating in different sports in different seasons, with time off for rest.

Illustration of measles virus infection

Should You Be Worried About Measles?

Measles cases are on the rise across the United States. And while the number of cases may be low, the risk of outbreaks is significant.

child with stomach pain visits doctor

How to Tell If Your Child Has Appendicitis

Could your child’s abdominal pain be appendicitis? An expert weighs in on what signs to look for and when to seek care.

teen girl at doctor appointment

Screenings Help Identify Kids at Risk for Suicidal Behavior

With mental health hospitalizations among kids on the rise, it’s important to identify at-risk behaviors early before a crisis situation develops.

A young child using a smart phone while playing video games on a PC

How to Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time and Social Media Use

A reported 95% of teens have access to smartphones and social media. But how much screen time should children be exposed to?

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