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Dana Saunders Sr. poses with Ronald Charles, MD

Man Undergoes Surgery After Colonoscopy Detects Cancer

Dana Saunders, Sr., 61, knows from experience how important getting a colonoscopy screening is, especially if you have risk factors for colon cancer.

Brian Weary stands inside University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center

Retired Truck Driver Chooses Groundbreaking Cancer Care at UH

After Brian Weary was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, he underwent lifesaving immunotherapy treatments at UH to erase his cancer.

A mother kisses her smiling daughter on the forehead

How to Help Your Child Thrive After Cancer

Children often face long-term complications as a result of cancer or the treatments they received. Here are some strategies to help them thrive.

A female patient explains symptoms she has been experiencing to her doctor

More Than a Lump: 8 Less Common Signs of Breast Cancer

There are less common symptoms that can signal breast cancer and may warrant a visit to the doctor for further evaluation.

Illustration of leukocytes attacking cancer

Research: High Blood Sugar Makes Chemotherapy More Effective

The findings reveal a new way to treat cancer that would be low cost and could be easily tested in other patients with cancer.

Wendy DiDomenico outside on a chilly day

Heart Test Finds Lung Mass

A Medina Country resident is doing well after the surgical removal of a lung tumor that was discovered during a coronary calcium score.

Illustration of cancer cells

Radiation Therapy Offers Targeted Treatment, Fewer Side Effects

Many patients require fewer treatments, with greater precision to kill cancer cells while preserving healthy tissue.

Older man talking to doctor

When Is Active Surveillance the Right Choice for Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer does not always require immediate intervention. Learn when and why active surveillance might be a safe and appropriate treatment option.

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