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Patient Stories

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Transplant patient Nick Mitchell

Transplant Technology Preserves Donor Hearts to Save More Lives

UH is using new transplant technology to preserve donor hearts outside the body, widening the pool of available hearts for transplant and saving lives.

Susan Welch enjoys a day at the beach

Coordinated Care Helps Woman Conquer Multiple Health Challenges

Susan Welch has faced more than her fair share of health challenges over the years. Through it all, her endocrinologist, Betul Hatipoglu, MD, was by her side to support, encourage and offer innovative options for treatment.

Carroll “Buddy” Scoville and his wife Mickey at UH Geauga Medical Center

Rapid Rise to Cancer-Free Outcome

The first recipient of rapid novel CAR T-cell therapy was delighted by his treatment at UH.

Debra with her husband and daughter, Lauren, who is a physical therapist at UH

Alternative to Rotator Cuff Surgery Leads to Faster Healing

Concerned about a lengthy recovery after rotator cuff surgery, Debra turned to University Hospitals and found a better, minimally invasive option for treatment.

Sam Elkurd standing outside

Custom 3-D Airway Stent Restores Patient’s Quality of Life

When traditional airway stents won’t work, experts at University Hospitals can create custom, anatomy-specific stents for better patient outcomes.

Leland Metheny, MD and Tracey Lynch

Veteran Receives Bone Marrow Transplant as an Outpatient

When Navy veteran Tracey Lynch was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and required a bone marrow transplant, she was pleased to have the option of being treated on an outpatient basis.

Mike Zappitello using an exercise machine

Beware the Elephant

Mike Zappitello knew just where to go for the best cardiac care in Lake County, UH Lake West – and that was even before an elephant landed on his chest.

Sports Medicine patient Megan poses outside

Two Hip Surgeries and Megan Is Still Running

High school athlete Megan was plagued by hip problems but the expert orthopedic surgeons at University Hospitals got her up and running again.

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