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Eyes & Vision

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Infographic: How to Safely View the Eclipse

How to Safely View the Eclipse

Learn how to enjoy the eclipse and avoid serious eye injury with specialized eye protection for solar viewing.

Close-up image of a human eye depicting a cataract clouding of the lens

Inherited Eye Diseases: The Importance of Early Diagnosis

Thanks to accelerating advances in genetic studies, there’s more hope than ever before for treating eye disease. However early diagnosis is key.

A pair of blue light computer glasses are held in front of a computer screen

Are Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Effective?

Lenses that filter blue light have received a lot of buzz as a remedy for digital eye strain and also for reducing sleep disturbances.

A little boy having testing his eyes in the doctor's office with a phoropter

Does Your Child Need Eyeglasses?

Children rely on their eyesight to experience new things and learn about the world. But vision problems can develop early, making it difficult to focus correctly.

Motion blurred photograph of traffic at in night in the rain on a British motorway

Why Is Your Night Vision Blurry?

Poor night vision can be divided into three categories. Learn what causes vision changes at night – and what can you do about it.

Ivy sits beside the Christmas tree

7-Year-Old Superhero Vanquishes Challenges to Achieve Amazing Eyesight

To her parents and a team of doctors at the Division of Pediatric Ophthalmology at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s, 7-year-old Ivy is a superhero, bravely persevering through multiple challenges to achieve near-perfect sight.

young boy with green sunglasses against yellow background

Your Child's Eyes Need Protection From the Sun, Too

Most parents know they need to protect their children's skin from the sun. But many forget the eyes need protection, too.

Douglas Rhee, MD, and patient Janet Century teamed up to save her eyes from glaucoma

Photographer's Vision Benefits From Comprehensive Treatment Plan

With her improved eye health and vision, Janet is currently working on new creative photography projects and organizing her archives.

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