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Amilion celebrates with Dr. Sanjay Ahuja

New Clotting Drug Has Life Changing Results For Young Child

Amilion recently lost a tooth, as many 7-year-olds do, but Amilion experienced almost no bleeding -- a big deal for a kid with a serious bleeding disorder.

father working with special needs child with homework

Tips for Partnering With School for Your Child With Special Needs

You know your child is full of potential. And you want to see your child learn, grow and reach that potential in the classroom. That’s why it is so important to team up with the school.

young mother holding tiny newborn infant in living room

How To Connect With, Understand and Calm Your Baby

Some parents bond with their newborn the minute they first see them, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it may take a little time to form that deep connection with your newborn.

Dr. Martin Bocks and a smiling Mia Wilson

Girl With 10 Percent Chance To Survive Celebrates 10th Birthday

Born five weeks early, Mia Wilson was diagnosed with a rare heart condition that gave her a 10 percent survival rate. During her first year of life, Mia suffered several strokes and cardiac arrests requiring many surgeries and procedures.

Ricky and Natassia Safranek with baby Lenny

Spiking Blood Pressure Signals Pregnancy-Related Crisis Before and After Delivery

Weighing a mere 1 pound 11 ounces at birth, little Lenny is an enormous miracle to his parents, who are still struck by the dramatic cascade of events that brought them safely to this place.

young boy eating a strawberry

Best Tips To Protect Your Youngster from Common Choking Hazards

As curious young children discover their world, they learn to enjoy new foods and new experiences. But what they put in their mouths can become a choking danger.

young toddler asleep in car seat bathed in sunshine

Unattended Kids in Cars: A Dangerous Situation

You may be tempted to leave your young child in the car for a few minutes when you run into the store, or to let a sleeping toddler remain in the car when you get home. But leaving a child in the car alone is never a good decision.

mother holds a tissue to a  young toddler's nose in bed

Why Kids Are More Vulnerable Now To Catching a Warm-Weather Cold

If it seems like warm-weather colds are on the rise this year, they are. Cold viruses have been circulating more than normal this time of year as people shed face masks and attend social gatherings.

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