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Mother and baby in swimming pool

With a Shortage of Lifeguards, Here’s How to Keep Children Safe

A national lifeguard shortage this summer is causing thousands of public pools to close or cut back hours, leaving many beachgoers to swim at their own risk. Parents should be extra cautious about kids and water.

Group of children blowing bubbles

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pediatric Specialist

Everyone hopes their child will sail through infancy, childhood and adolescence without any significant medical problems. But if problems arise, it is important to select a pediatric specialist with the expertise to achieve the best possible outcome.

Graduate Joshua Miller with his family

From Near-Fatal Brain Bleed to High School Graduation – A Survivor’s Story

Pediatric neurosurgeons at UH Rainbow help a high school senior recover from a life-threatening brain hemorrhage and look forward to the future.

Illustration of sickle cell anemia

The Invisible Toll of Living with Sickle Cell Disease

People living with sickle cell disease face a host of daunting physical challenges that affect their quality of life.

Male soccer player suffering from knee injury on field

How Much Running, Training and Conditioning Is Right For Kids

Many youth sports injuries, particularly overuse injuries, happen not on the field of play, but because of poor training and conditioning. A key to avoiding injuries is good training.

Keep Kids Safe This Summer

Keep Kids Safe This Summer

Many summertime activities carry health risks for children. Help them avoid these hazards with some simple precautions.

Father and son playing soccer in park together

Tips for Managing ADHD Over the Summer

Managing your child’s attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be challenging, especially when your child’s normal school routine is absent. By following a few tips, you can enjoy smoother sailing ahead.

Kallen Zarembski on the ice

UH Athletic Trainer Identifies Rare Condition in Teen Hockey Player

When 17-year-old Kallen Zarembski noticed his swollen arm, he assumed it was a forgotten hockey injury, but behind the swelling was a rare and life-threatening condition called Paget Schroetter Syndrome.

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