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kids on sleds

Think Safety While Having Fun in the Snow

When snowflakes start falling, some people’s thoughts instantly turn to winter sports, such as snowboarding and sledding. How to keep your risks to a minimum without curtailing your fun.

childs hand holding pill

Avoiding Medicine Mishaps With Children

Young children are especially vulnerable to medication-related problems, particularly unintentional overdoses.

type 1 diabetes

How Continuous Glucose Monitors Help Kids with Type I Diabetes

The continuous glucose monitor is among a number of new technologies that can help youngsters manage diabetes.



Using Biofeedback for Relief from Chronic Constipation in Children

It can be difficult to break the cycle of chronic constipation with medication alone. Biofeedback helps children relearn how to coordinate their muscles to go the bathroom more easily.


6 Facts You Need To Know About the Flu

How much do you really know about the flu? Read on for six facts about the vaccine.


Half of Kids With Severe Asthma May Grow Out of It

Results of this new study provide evidence for the idea that some of these patients can “outgrow” their severe asthma while on proper treatment.


Rebuilt Spine Gives Teen Confidence

Tony gained confidence (and three inches in height!) after undergoing an intense, 12-hour surgery to correct his forward and sideways spinal curvatures.

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