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How Telehealth Visits Keep You Healthy -- and Safe

Telehealth services provide a convenient, simple way to make and keep your appointments without having to physically go into the doctor’s office. Learn more about telehealth services.


Best Strategies To Prepare For Your Child's Virtual Visit

Advice on what you need, which tools to have handy and what to expect during your child's virtual exam and afterward.

Woman using UH Virtual Visit on her laptop

Is Virtual Care Real Medicine?

Although not intended to replace a relationship with a primary care provider, virtual appointments are a good option for routine health concerns.

Medical form and stethoscope

How Your Personal Health Record Helps Your Quest for Good Health

If reviewing your health files means rummaging through papers and files on your desk or calling your doctor, an electronic personal health record can make life easier.


How You Can Manage Your Child's Health Anytime

Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, the University Hospitals MyUHCare Personal Health Record (PHR) allows you to receive lab and radiology results, email a doctor, refill a prescription, request or change appointments and more.

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