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Under The Rainbow - Fall 2020

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toddler child asleep in bed

Fall Back: Best Tips To Reset Your Family's Sleep Routine

Turning the clocks back an hour can affect family routines, and it can take several days to get in sync with the new time. Try these tips to help cushion the impact.

Smiling Rodmicka and her mom

Ear Tubes Provide Relief for Toddler's Recurrent Ear Infections

Ear infections are a prevalent ailment among young children and the most common cause of trips to the pediatrician. Kiara Herbert knew the symptoms all too well. Her daughter, Rodmicka, battled ongoing ear problems from the time she was born.

pregnant woman chats with doctor on a computer

Virtual Visits: Changing the Way Women Receive Care

Virtual visits have been around for years. You may have taken advantage of them with your primary care provider or your child’s pediatrician. But the recent coronavirus pandemic has made the service even more common than you’re probably used to.

young child blowing his nose

Still Sneezing? Fall Doesn't Mean the End of Allergy Season

Is your family ready to say goodbye to seasonal allergies now that spring and summer have passed? Not so fast. Unfortunately, for many, the approaching autumn doesn’t mean relief from sneezing. Instead, it marks a new array of allergy triggers.

clean house

8 Common Household Objects to Clean Regularly

Keep germs at bay by regularly cleaning these high-touch spots around your home.

mom and daughter looking into baby potty

Easy Ways to End Constipation in Children

Constipation can cause children a lot of discomfort, but it can be very easy for parents to handle and prevent with these simple strategies.

young boy jumping on trampoline

Home Trampoline Safety: What Parents Should Know

Home trampolines are more popular than ever, but they cause thousands of injuries every year.

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