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Sports Medicine

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Jenna Lilley exercises on the indoor field at UH Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute at UH Ahuja Medical Center

USA Softball Player Fully Recovers From Hip Dysplasia

Jenna Lilley went through years of hip pain and treatment for hip impingement syndrome before meeting with UH orthopedic physicians Michael Salata, MD and Robert Wetzel, MD.

Young sporty woman with smart watch tying shoelaces

How To Be a Better, Faster, Stronger Runner – Advice for Beginners and Experts

People run for different reasons – to stay in shape, to become healthier, to lose weight. How do you get better – or get started – without risking injury? How do you go from being a good runner to a great one?

Grace Sheets pauses on the slopes

Young Skier Is Stronger Than Ever After Knee Surgery

Grace was 12 years old when she suffered a complete tear of her right anterior cruciate ligament – the band of tissue that connects the thighbone to the shinbone at the knee. After surgery to reconstruct her ACL, this skier is stronger than ever.

Diego Castillo uses wearable technology in a therapy session

Oxygenation Study Helps Ballet Dancer Recover from ACL Surgery

When a Cleveland Ballet dancer tore his ACL, the UH sports medicine team used their expertise and wearable technology to get him ready to perform again.

Infographic: Benefits of a Cold Weather Workout

Benefits of a Cold Weather Workout

From boosting immunity to building calorie-burning brown fat, there are some surprising benefits to exercising outdoors when temperatures drop.

Pictures of people exercising

If You Have to Choose, What's the Best Type of Exercise?

Ever wonder what exercise offers the most health benefits? We asked a cardiologist and a sports medicine doctor to weigh in on the question.

woman running outside in winter

Is Exercising in Cold Weather a Better Workout?

The cold weather may make you want to stay inside this winter, but research shows that there are unique advantages to working out in the cold.

A man stretching his hamstrings in the gym

How to Avoid Injuries While Exercising

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time fitness enthusiast, the key to avoiding injuries is being mindful of injury-prevention basics.

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