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Jacob G. Calcei, MD

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 A female soccer player kicking the ball during a match

The Benefits of Being a Multi-Sport Athlete for Kids

Young athletes benefit physically and mentally by participating in different sports in different seasons, with time off for rest.

Shot of a sporty young man suffering from a sports injury outdoors

What Is Biceps Tendonitis?

Many people book a visit to the doctor thinking that they have some kind of tear in their shoulder, when in fact they have biceps tendonitis.

Amy and her three boys

Torn ACL Threatens to Take Busy Mom Out of the Game

When Amy – runner, soccer coach and mom to three boys – experienced a complete tear of her left ACL, the orthopedic experts at UH worked around her busy schedule to get her up and running again.

closeup of hypodermic syringe with yellow contents

Platelet-Rich Plasma Makes It Possible to Help Yourself Heal

Ongoing research suggests that platelet-rich plasma injections can be beneficial for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and inflammation.

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