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Infographic: Top 10 Health Myths Debunked

Top 10 Health Myths Debunked

There’s no shortage of conflicting health information. Learn the science behind the most popular advice.

Loving senior couple drinking healthy smoothie in the kitchen at home

Plant-Based Diets Can Boost Mood, Exercise & Sex

Your diet can affect more than just cholesterol, blood sugar and body weight. It may also influence your mood, your athletic performance and your sex life.

Illustration of a pensive man facing questions

Are Sperm Counts Declining?

Many factors can affect sperm quality. But not all experts agree that sperm counts are on the decline.

A mother feeds her newborn while sitting on a sofa at home

How to Treat Mastitis: A Common Breastfeeding Issue

Lactation experts share the preventive measures you can take to minimize the risk of painful symptoms and continue breastfeeding.

Infographic: Are Natural Sweeteners Healthier Than Sugar?

Are Natural Sweeteners Healthier Than Sugar?

If you’re looking to cut sugar, you may have considered natural sweeteners. Here's what to keep in mind when choosing one.

Smiling man looking away with male friends in background at exercise class

Is It Safe for People With Heart Disease to Exercise?

Most people know that exercise is important for your health. But for people with heart disease, questions about safety can raise concerns.

Infographic: Proper Dental Care Begins with Baby Teeth

Proper Dental Care Begins with Baby Teeth

Healthy teeth are important to your child’s growth and development. Learn how caring for them starts at birth.

In Vitro Fertilization Shown on a Computer Monitor

How Young People With Cancer Can Preserve Fertility

Cancer treatment can harm a person’s ability to have children. Fortunately, young cancer patients have options to help preserve their fertility.

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