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masked couple in blue walking through airport with roller luggage

What the COVID-19 Delta Variant Means for Your Travel Plans

The travel landscape is fast changing, as a number of countries have imposed restrictions in the face of soaring cases. The Delta variant spreads person-to-person much more easily than previous versions of the virus.

face mask

What You Need To Know About Masks And Coronavirus

UH Rainbow pediatric infectious disease specialist Amy Edwards, MD, explains why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control now recommends wearing a cloth face mask.

measles vaccine

The Best Defense Against Measles When You're Traveling

This past year, measles has made a resurgence in the United States and throughout the world. What you need to know to avoid getting measles -- or bringing the disease back home.

business traveler

Business Travelers: Your Best Advice for Safe Travel Abroad

International corporate travel can be risky business. An employee who gets sick while traveling can mean a loss of productivity and a cost to your business. How you can help keep your employees healthy when traveling abroad.

africa travel

Stay Healthy During Your Trip to Africa With the Right Vaccines

It sounds so exciting: A safari in Africa … rafting down the Nile … shopping in Nairobi. But be sure to think about taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy and well while traveling -- including the right vaccines.

Close-up of mosquito biting a person's forearm

How Travelers Can Get Protection Against Yellow Fever With Vaccine Shortage

Countries where yellow fever is prevalent require travelers to provide proof of vaccination via a certificate in order to pass through customs and enter the country. Travelers only need to be vaccinated once during their lifetime.

Older couple driving toward the horizon

5 Benefits of Travel

For older adults, travel is good for the body and mind. But older travelers should take extra precautions to safeguard their health before, during and after the journey.

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