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Young Vinny stands with a little help from family

Specialized Care for Infants with Heart Defects Keeps Baby at Home

Vinny’s complex congenital heart disease was detected before he was born. Mom and Vinny’s health were followed closely during pregnancy by the Congenital Heart Collaborative’s fetal team at UH Rainbow.

Sierra Prindle and her husband

Young Mother Finds Diagnosis, Treatment After Years of Mystery Illness

Although she had a happy marriage, two beautiful boys and a fulfilling job, she suffered from depression because of constant, intense pain in the back of her left leg.

John Potocnik being interviewed in his home

Doctors Save Leg of Patient With Diabetes By Restoring Blood Flow

John underwent three failed procedures to restore circulation to his foot. Doctors told him his leg would need to be amputated, so John sought a second opinion.

Caroline Rarick in rehabilitation therapy

Doctors Successfully Reattach Leg Nearly Severed in Jet Ski Accident

Caroline’s injury was extremely severe. Nearly all of the tissue and muscle were pulled from the bone. The injury was severe enough that doctors even considered amputation as the best course of action.

Sarah, her husband and their three daughters

Pregnancy Reveals Serious Vascular Condition for Mother

When Sarah was pregnant with her first child, she began having excruciating shooting pain down her left leg. Doctors discovered she had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a blood clot in the deep veins that can be life-threatening.

Limb salvage procedure in operating theater

Clinical Trial Procedure Restores Blood Flow, Easing Patient's Foot Pain

Linda McClain of Lancaster, Ohio, enjoys going to the salon, grabbing lunch with her friends and line dancing. But in 2018, a diabetic ulcer appeared on her toe and wouldn’t go away. It caused pain and kept her from being active.

Overweight woman walking with mask and bottled water

How Ectopic Fat Increases Your Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Visceral fat, which surrounds some of the vital organs, causes insulin resistance and poses a risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. More recently, evidence has shown that ectopic fat also increases risk for these diseases.

Katrina Cox gives the thumbs up with Dr. James Cireddu at UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute

Holistic Approach to Bariatric Surgery Help Prepares for Heart Valve Replacement

Katrina Cox of Bedford is now a healthier and more active mother and grandmother, thanks to a whole-health approach for care at University Hospitals.

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