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bearded man sitting on couch with hands on chest

New Staging Proposal Portrays Heart Failure as More Preventable, Manageable Illness

The new approach may lead more patients to seek out the specific expertise of a heart failure specialist, which can lead to better management of the condition and improved outcomes for the patient.

closeup of leg spider veins

Varicose and Spider Veins: What's the Difference -- and What To Do

People can take steps on their own to improve blood flow in the legs, keep their legs healthy and help prevent varicose and spider veins. Learn how.

A smiling Jana Thomas at home with her infant daughter

UH Physicians Recognize New Mom's Heart Symptoms as Serious, Not Stress

Jana Thomas knew something was wrong a few days after giving birth to her second daughter. When she described her symptoms to people, most told her she was stressed and tired from recently giving birth.

William Moulton and Anjan Gupta, MD

How One Doctor Saved a Patient's Life -- Twice

William Moulton of Ravenna received his first cardiac intervention at UH Portage, then returned five years later needing a thrombectomy.

slicing a rare filet mignon

Analysis Puts New Spotlight on Health Risks of Red Meat Consumption

Research involving 1.4 million people found that those who routinely ate red and processed meats had elevated risk of heart disease.

male doctor in mask with hand on the shoulder of seated woman in mask

What a Preventive Cardiologist Can Do For You

A preventive cardiologist practices a subspecialty of medicine that is focused on lowering patients’ risk for developing heart disease and having a first heart attack or stroke.

Young Vinny stands with a little help from family

Specialized Care for Infants with Heart Defects Keeps Baby at Home

Vinny’s complex congenital heart disease was detected before he was born. Mom and Vinny’s health were followed closely during pregnancy by the Congenital Heart Collaborative’s fetal team at UH Rainbow.

Sierra Prindle and her husband

Young Mother Finds Diagnosis, Treatment After Years of Mystery Illness

Although she had a happy marriage, two beautiful boys and a fulfilling job, she suffered from depression because of constant, intense pain in the back of her left leg.

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