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RSV: A Common Virus That Can Spell Trouble For Some Kids

A virus that is common and not a big deal for most adults can create serious health issues for susceptible babies and kids.

teen suicide

A Growing Mental Health Crisis Among America's Children and Teens

Mental health conditions among children, teens and young adults is a growing problem in this country.

strength training

4 Ways Strength Training Can Help Young Athletes Recover After an Injury

Strength training, resistance training, weight training … no matter what you call it, this form of physical activity is an important component of an exercise program.


How Are Your Sunscreen Smarts?

Here's a handy guide to understand how often to reapply sunscreen -- and how much to use.

seizure safety

What To Do If Your Child Has a Seizure

Seeing your child have a seizure can be scary. It helps to know what to do and how to keep your child safe if it happens.

teen suicide

Teen Suicide Attempts Rise With Increased Bullying: Study

Compared with classmates who hadn’t been bullied, even one day of bullying a month was enough to triple the risk for attempted suicide. And the more often a child had been bullied, the higher the risk.

well-child visits

Top Reasons to Make Time for Well-Child Visits

You know it's important to take your kids to well-child visits to keep them updated on immunizations, but those are far from the only benefits. There's plenty more to learn -- plus a chance to ask about what's on your mind.


What You Need to Know About the Polio-Like AFM Virus

Known as AFM, acute flaccid myelitis affects the spinal cord, and causes weakness in the muscles and reflexes. AFM isn’t new, but cases of it have been slowly increasing since 2014.

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