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Close up of microplastics spread on fingertips

What Are Microplastics and How Can You Reduce Your Risk?

Microplastics are found nearly everywhere on our planet. Here are some ways you can cut down on your own exposure to microplastics, while also helping to keep more microplastics from entering our environment.

Mother and baby in swimming pool

With a Shortage of Lifeguards, Here’s How to Keep Children Safe

A national lifeguard shortage this summer is causing thousands of public pools to close or cut back hours, leaving many beachgoers to swim at their own risk. Parents should be extra cautious about kids and water.

Doctor viewing patient's brain scan on digital tablet in laboratory

New Research Holds Promise for Alzheimer’s Disease

Ongoing Alzheimer’s research at Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals is attacking the disease in novel ways, with some early successes that show promise for the future of treating this disease.

Group of children blowing bubbles

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pediatric Specialist

Everyone hopes their child will sail through infancy, childhood and adolescence without any significant medical problems. But if problems arise, it is important to select a pediatric specialist with the expertise to achieve the best possible outcome.

Spicy Food Challenges: Harmful or Healthy?

Can consuming the spiciest peppers and hot sauces in the world be bad for your health? A University Hospitals dietitian explores this hot topic and shares the surprising health benefits of spicy foods.

Mother and newborn baby at computer

Early Intervention is Key to Pelvic Floor and Birth Injury Recovery

Severe injuries during childbirth can cause a variety of health issues in the postpartum period. Seeking treatment early is important for recovery and improved quality of life for new moms.

Young man pouring fresh water

Is Bottled Water Healthier Than Tap Water?

When it comes to staying hydrated, water is the best choice. But choosing between tap, filtered or bottled water can be confusing. We take a closer look at all the options available to you.

Very Low Risk of Heart Issues After COVID-19 Vaccination

A recent, large, international, peer-reviewed study showed that the risk of heart inflammation in people who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 is extremely low.

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