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Steve Momon

Patient Avoids Open Heart Surgery With Minimally Invasive Bypass

Many times, a blockage in the heart's left anterior descending artery is best treated with coronary artery bypass, which is typically an open-heart surgery. Steve Momon qualified to be treated in a different way.

man sitting at desk with hand on his back as if in pain

Which Doctor Is Best To See When You Have Back Pain

Typically, back pain is muscular in nature and short-term, often caused by strain from lifting heavy objects or sudden movement. More serious back and spine problems may be caused by nerves, joints and discs.

Jacqueline Dienes and Robert J. Berkowitz, MD at the UH Center for Orthopedics

Walking Back to Mobility One Step at a Time

Jacqueline Dienes suffered from neck, lower back and lower extremity pain for years. After trying a variety of non-surgical options, she underwent two surgeries and today feels like a new woman.

young boy in batman costume running with treat bag

A More Traditional Halloween Celebration is Possible This Year

Last year, traditional celebrations were discouraged and people were advised to put out bowls of candy to avoid contact. That isn’t necessary for most people this year. Here’s why.

small baby in bathtub held by adult arms

Best Tips for Giving Your Newborn Baby a Bath

A newborn’s skin is soft and delicate. Proper skin care and bathing can help maintain the health and texture of your baby’s skin while providing a pleasant experience for both of you.

doctor clasps hands with seated female patient

Less Can Be More With Hypofractionation Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

In recent years, cancer physicians and radiation oncologists have been whittling away at the length of time for radiation treatment. The goal: to make radiation treatment more convenient for the patient, with fewer side effects.

Bernadette Scruggs at The Gathering Place’s 2019 Race for Place, sponsored by UH Seidman Cancer Center

Advice From a 15-Year Breast Cancer Survivor: Don't Skip Your Annual Mammogram

Less than an hour out of your life can mean the difference between catching cancer early or never knowing what could have been.

woman in pink shirt typing into laptop wearing a cochlear implant device

How Cochlear Implants Can Help Adults With Hearing Loss

Many people have seen videos on social media of children who are deaf or severely hard of hearing receiving cochlear implants and hearing for the first time. But cochlear implants also have another useful purpose – to help adults with hearing loss.

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