Lisa’s Story: It’s Nothing But Good Vibes for Lisa After Rotator Cuff Reconstruction

Lisa Miloshoff

Notorious for a long recovery, rotator cuff surgery is now in Lisa’s rear view mirror

Lisa Miloshoff knows the anguish of not having full control of her body. When she was 39, she suffered a debilitating virus, Ataxia Cerebellum Disease, which attacked the part of her brain that controls muscle coordination. She fell a lot, slurred her words and eventually was wheelchair bound. Finally after a diagnosis and years of treatment and physical therapy, she re-gained her strength and freedom.

When Dr. Daniel Zanotti, Orthopedic Surgeon at the University Hospitals Center for Orthopedics, diagnosed her with a torn rotator cuff at the age of 62, she knew she couldn’t lose her strength and freedom again. Surgery was her only option.

In October, 2019, she underwent a superior capsule reconstruction (SCR), a promising alternative treatment for irreparable posterosuperior rotator cuff tears. The arthroscopic procedure involves placing a donor graft to stabilize the ball and socket of the shoulder joint, as an alternative to open shoulder replacement. In Lisa words, “My x-rays look like the $6 Million Dollar Man; I feel like the Bionic Woman”.

“Lisa was having trouble doing daily activities. Additionally, she was frustrated and concerned that her years of hard work to regain function in her arm would be lost,” said Dr. Zanotti. “She worked extremely hard at her rehabilitation and was always positive that she would get her strength back. Her motivation is the reason she succeeds in life, and it makes us want to help even more patients like Lisa!”

Her prior illness taught her the benefit of physical therapy; she traded three days a week in the gym for three days a week of PT, and she never missed a day in five months. Prophetic for the immune-compromised patient. “I finished therapy just as everything started shutting down because of COVID-19. I couldn’t have exposed myself to that.”

Today she is pain free, forever thankful and wants people to know they can get through this surgery, too.. “He’s one of the best. Everyone knows Dr. Dan. He saved my sister’s foot ten years ago, and I knew I was in good hands. He’s more than a doctor. And his entire team is compassionate and empathetic. Any question I had they were great, from nurses to practitioners.”

She says she misses shopping most during the COVID-19 pandemic. But her shoulder will be ready when she gains the courage to go out. She says after all, it’s the little things that matter. She learned that a lot time ago.