Under The Rainbow - Spring 2018

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girl in hot pink sweater and glasses sits cross-legged with head in hands

3 Things You Need to Know About HPV

HPV is an umbrella term for more than 150 strains of related viruses, most of which are benign. But in some cases HPV infections can lead to genital warts and certain cancers in women.

Toddler holding asthma mask

4 Big Myths About Asthma

Although asthma is fairly common, there are many misconceptions about the disease, how it’s treated and how it affects a person’s day-to-day life

Empowering Families to Control Type 1 Diabetes

Braydan seemed like he was always thirsty and going to the bathroom often. After checking his blood sugar levels, Braydan was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

vegetarian dishes

How to Introduce Plant-Based Eating to Your Entire Family

Thinking about transitioning your family to plant-based cuisine exclusively or just a few days a week? What you need to know about for your youngest eaters' dietary needs.


6 Tips to Uproot Your Couch Potatoes

Sneak fitness into their days with “microbursts” of activity.


How High Blood Sugar in Pregnancy Can Affect Your Baby's Heart

Having high blood sugar in early pregnancy could put your baby at higher risk for heart defects.


Are Sugary Foods Putting Your Children at Risk for Heart Disease?

New guidelines on the amounts of sugar children should consume indicate that most kids will need to cut back on their sugar intake.

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