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Anna with pediatric urologist Dr. Jessica Hannick at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

UH Doctors Find Source of Girl's Intermittent Abdominal Pain

For more than a year, Anna experienced consistent abdominal pain with no explanation.

Meechie Johnson, Jr. on the court

High School Basketball Player’s Journey Through Difficult Injury Ends in Success

Meechie Johnson, Jr., injured his knee during playoffs for the Garfield Heights High School team in his sophomore year. As a top 30 player in the country and the No. 3 point guard, much was at stake.

Caroline Rarick in rehabilitation therapy

Doctors Successfully Reattach Leg Nearly Severed in Jet Ski Accident

Caroline’s injury was extremely severe. Nearly all of the tissue and muscle were pulled from the bone. The injury was severe enough that doctors even considered amputation as the best course of action.


Adjustments Allow Infant To Have Surgery, Go Home the Same Day

When an 8-month-old needed surgery for an ureteropelvic junction obstruction during the pandemic, a UH Rainbow pediatric urologist made several adjustments to ensure the boy went home the same day.


Young Patient Overcomes Complex Craniofacial Challenges With Specialized Team

PJ had unilateral craniosynostosis – a birth defect in which the bones on one side of the skull grow together too early, severely limiting room for his brain to grow.

medical leeches

How Leeches Can Save Lives And Limbs for Some Patients

Most people cringe at the mere mention of the word leeches. Even more would be alarmed at the thought of having them attached to their skin as part of their medical plan of care.

woman clutching back

How You Can Get Help For Your Hernia

“I’m going to give myself a hernia!” You may have said something like that as you lifted a heavy object. Although said in jest, it’s true that incorrectly lifting a heavy object can cause a hernia.

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