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Small and Large Intestine

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Medical kit for the sampling of feces and empty urine sample cup

There is Blood in my Stool. What Does it Mean?

Blood in the stool or on the toilet paper can signal a wide range of conditions, from hemorrhoids or anal fissures to colon cancer, and should always be evaluated by a doctor.

male masked doctor talking with masked male patient over a white desk

Prep: The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Colonoscopy Success

If it’s time for your colonoscopy, it’s time for the prep. Everyone agrees: It’s not the most pleasant thing. But ensuring a good bowel prep is actually the most important thing you can do to make the colonoscopy a success.

man with hands on abdomen talking with clinician in mask

Diverticulitis Flare Up: More Conservative Treatment Now Recommended

While patients can develop severe complications from diverticulitis that require surgery, doctors have taken a more conservative approach to treating milder cases.

x-ray like image showing gastrointestinal tract

Achieving Gut Health -- and How It Supports Your Overall Well-Being

How do you know the state of your gut health and what can you do to keep it in good shape? A UH dietician explains.

Kate Lloyd at home

Cleveland Heights Woman Fights Colon Cancer and WINS

A family history and a trace of blood prompts 79 year-old Kate to get screened for colon cancer.

Jenny Kozak and family

Mother of 3 is Cancer-Free Thanks to Life-Saving Colonoscopy and Cancer Treatment

When 44-year-old Jenni Kozak began having colorectal pain, she didn't think it would be something as serious as cancer.

Ellen Smith

Local Woman Learns Importance of Screening Colonoscopy After Colon Cancer Diagnosis

“Every year I received a card in the mail, saying I was due for an annual PAP smear and exam, and I had gone to those appointments religiously,” Ellen said.

Elizabeth Brandewie, MD stands aside a picture of UH's giant inflatable colon

Avid Runner Schedules Colonoscopy that Catches Cancer

Even though she was six years shy of the recommended age for her first colonoscopy, with no family history, Elizabeth Brandewie, MD, scheduled this important outpatient test.

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