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Laura Goldberg, MD

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Teen Girl Running Outdoors

Can You Outrun a Bad Diet?

While some people assume – or hope – that regular exercise will offset the negative effects of unhealthy eating, that’s not the case.

A scoopful of creatine, hmb, bcaa, amino acid or powdered vitamin

Are Creatine and Liquid IV Safe for Teen Athletes?

Many young athletes are taking the supplements to boost performance and improve hydration. Many parents wonder: are they safe?

Young sporty woman with smart watch tying shoelaces

How To Be a Better, Faster, Stronger Runner – Advice for Beginners and Experts

People run for different reasons – to stay in shape, to become healthier, to lose weight. How do you get better – or get started – without risking injury? How do you go from being a good runner to a great one?

An Asian woman lying down in the training gym

Are Exercise Recovery Days Important?

Most people want to get stronger, improve fitness and feel their best. But how do you know if you’re training too much? Just how important is recovery?

A young boy leaping into his father's arms from a log while messing around in a playground at the park

Outdoor Play: Great for Kids (and Adults Too!)

Getting outside and connecting with nature has a variety of health benefits, for kids and adults alike.

Smiling male fitness instructor practicing dumbbell exercise with men in gym

How to Create a New Habit That Will Last

On average, it takes 66 days to establish a new habit, but the good news is you can approach it in manageable chunks.

Illustration of a couple with backpacks walking outdoors

How to Get a Better Workout from Walking

From Nordic poles to safely adding weight, learn simple ways to maximize the impact of walking without too much effort.

A young girl and boy ready to race on an athletics track

Ready, Set, Safe Youth Running

For young athletes motivated to do so, adding a running routine to their training can be extremely beneficial. Here’s how to do it safely.

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