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Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment

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Pregnancy woman in hospital gown holding belly

How Fetal Surgery Can Save a Baby's Life

Fetal laser therapy is used to treat a rare but life-threatening condition that affects identical twins in the womb.

Kaylin Zele and baby

Pregnancy Is Possible for Transplant Patients

Kaylin Zele shared her desire to become a mother with her UH medical team. Following her second kidney transplant, Kaylin met with maternal fetal medicine (MFM) – the high-risk pregnancy team at University Hospitals.

Katarina and Josephina Hinkle

Coordinated, High-Risk Pregnancy Care for Healthy Twins and Happy Parents

Lexi Hinkle’s pregnancy was anything but typical. Early on, Hinkle learned she was expecting identical twins who shared a single placenta – a condition called monochorionic twins, which increases the risk of serious medical problems.

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