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Teen Girl Running Outdoors

Can You Outrun a Bad Diet?

While some people assume – or hope – that regular exercise will offset the negative effects of unhealthy eating, that’s not the case.

A rear view of joggers running through a park

Running Doesn’t Harm Joints – In Fact, It May Protect Them

Recent research shows that recreational running decreases the rate of hip and knee osteoarthritis when compared to those with more sedentary lifestyles.

Infographic: Your Guide to Carb Loading Before a Race

Your Guide to Carb Loading Before a Race

When done right, eating more carbohydrates helps sustain the body through longer endurance events.

Infographic: How to Hydrate Before, During and After Exercise

How to Hydrate Before, During and After Exercise

Water is great for hydration, but for longer events, other types of fluid are important for replenishing the body.

Woman Practices Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching: How to Properly Warm Up for Exercise

Health care experts increasingly recommend warming up for exercise with dynamic stretches. Learn what dynamic stretches are and how to get started doing them.

Young sporty woman with smart watch tying shoelaces

How To Be a Better, Faster, Stronger Runner – Advice for Beginners and Experts

People run for different reasons – to stay in shape, to become healthier, to lose weight. How do you get better – or get started – without risking injury? How do you go from being a good runner to a great one?

An Asian woman lying down in the training gym

Are Exercise Recovery Days Important?

Most people want to get stronger, improve fitness and feel their best. But how do you know if you’re training too much? Just how important is recovery?

A young boy leaping into his father's arms from a log while messing around in a playground at the park

Outdoor Play: Great for Kids (and Adults Too!)

Getting outside and connecting with nature has a variety of health benefits, for kids and adults alike.

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