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Emergency Medicine

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When Should You Go to Urgent Care vs. the ER?

When Should You Go to Urgent Care vs. the ER?

Making the best health care decisions for your family starts with knowing where to go. Learn how to get the right care in every situation.

Graduate Joshua Miller with his family

From Near-Fatal Brain Bleed to High School Graduation – A Survivor’s Story

Pediatric neurosurgeons at UH Rainbow help a high school senior recover from a life-threatening brain hemorrhage and look forward to the future.

Worried single mother consoling her little girl who is having stomachache at home

When to Take Your Child to the Emergency Room for Gastrointestinal Illness

How do you know if your child’s GI symptoms are caused by COVID-19 or gastroenteritis? And when should you seek emergency care for your child’s stomach illness?

Wincing woman who hit her head

Should You Go to the Emergency Room After a Mild Head Injury?

Though not every bump on the head requires emergency medical attention, you should always seek medical care if you experience concussion symptoms following an impact to the head.

Raheem Stanfield stands outside SoFi Stadium

Browns Player with Heart for Cardiac Patients Sends Survivor to Super Bowl

Raheem Stanfield had no idea going into cardiac arrest would be his ticket to the Super Bowl, but that’s exactly how his story unfolded.

Woman applies suntan lotion

Top Tips to Prevent Summer Burns - and When to Seek Care

While the summer months bring fun, they can also be a time when injuries occur -- including burns.

urgent care

Urgent Care, ER or Orthopedic Injury Clinic: Where To Go For Care

When serious injury or illness occurs, it can be tough to figure out the most appropriate place to get medical care. Many people would head straight to an emergency room. But that may not be the best choice for your condition – or your wallet.

emergency room

Serious Symptoms? The ER Is Still the Best for Medical Emergencies

Many emergency departments, such as those at UH, have procedures in place to screen and separate COVID-19 patients to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus to staff and other patients.

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