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Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Attacks

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split image of man with hands on heart and smokestacks

Research Links Pollution to Cardiovascular Disease

The researchers estimate that pollution was responsible for nine million deaths worldwide in 2019, 5.1 million of which were due to cardiovascular disease.

view of heart and surrounding arteries inside the body

Why Heart Attacks Are on the Rise in Younger People

From 2006 to 2016, heart attacks for people younger than age 40 have increased by 2 percent every year. What is driving this trend?

middle aged man taking aspirin with a glass of water in front of laptop

Guidance is Changing on Low-Dose Aspirin To Prevent Heart Disease

Newer research shows the benefits of daily aspirin do not outweigh the risks for some patients. If you’re taking aspirin for prevention, you may want to talk with your doctor.

man holding chest with concerned wife at his side

Should I Worry About Metal Detectors? Answers To Top Stent-Related Questions

In this Q and A, UH interventional cardiologist John Coletta, MD, Chair of the Department of Cardiology at UH St. John Medical Center, shares with us questions he frequently hear from patients – and his answers.

Dr. Christopher Dussel and Bill Regan

Champion Pickleball Player Back on the Court, Thanks to Winning Team

A 79-year-old pickleball champ who has competed in national and international tournaments, knows about collaborating to win. But the most important team in his life was waiting just off the court, when heart attacks struck – twice in just six months.

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