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Childhood Nutrition

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Young girl meditating

Natural Treatments for IBD in Children

A holistic approach to treating inflammatory bowel disease in kids can include optimizing gut health and therapies such as acupuncture and mindfulness.

Infographic: Tricks for Treats: Tips to help kids responsibly enjoy Halloween candy

Tricks for Treats: Tips to Help Kids Responsibly Enjoy Halloween Candy

While sugar and candy are part of the fun on Halloween, here's how parents can help kids make healthier choices and avoid overload.

young girl in pink top drinking glass of water with trees in the background

How To Make Water a More Appealing Drink for Kids

According to a study, more than half of U.S. children and adolescents are not adequately hydrated, meaning they probably don’t drink enough water. This could have serious consequences for their health and development.

youth athletes and sports drinks

Do Sports Drinks and Foods Improve Athletic Performance for Kids?

Building skills, strength and endurance are all part of the picture. So is eating right. But is there a place in a young athlete’s toolkit for special food and beverages specifically aimed at enhancing athletic performance and recovery?

celiac disease

Celiac Disease in Kids: Signs and Symptoms

Though gluten-free diets are popular, only around 1 percent of the population actually have celiac disease. Learn more about this auto-immune disease.

children's beverages

New Guidelines Recommend Best Beverages For Your Child

As a parent, you do your best to put healthy food on your child’s plate. But what your child drinks is just as important.

Cans of energy drinks

How the Drawbacks of Energy Drinks Far Outweigh Potential Benefits

Up to half of all teens and young adults consume energy drinks -- those high-caffeine beverages that purport to improve academic and sports performance, and the number of people consuming them is on the rise. But are the claims true?

Grilled chicken breast in a sweet and sour marinade with yogurt sauce on a wooden cutting board

9 Tips to Help You Avoid Food Poisoning from Chicken

Whether you're eating chicken fingers or coq au vin, if the chicken on your plate isn't properly handled during preparation, you might experience some serious consequences.

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