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Benjamin Boswell, DO

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woman takes ice water bath

Taking the Polar Plunge: What to Know About Cold Water Therapy

Proponents of cold water therapy claim it can help with everything from muscle soreness to brain health. Here’s what to know before taking the plunge.

A rear view of joggers running through a park

Running Doesn’t Harm Joints – In Fact, It May Protect Them

Recent research shows that recreational running decreases the rate of hip and knee osteoarthritis when compared to those with more sedentary lifestyles.


Vaping: Safe Alternative to Smoking or Hazardous to Your Health?

Recent reports have linked serious lung injury – and even deaths – to vaping. UH emergency room physician Benjamin Boswell, DO, explains how e-cigarettes cause illness and why people are coming to the ER after vaping.

University Hospitals

Quick Diagnosis and Treatment of Teen’s Hip Injury Leads to Full Recovery

High school junior, Aaron Manis, experienced a sharp pain in his hip while playing football. The sports medicine experts at the UH Orthopedic Injury Clinic evaluated him that day and started treatment. Eight weeks later he was back on the field.

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