Atrial Fibrillation

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Brian Pentsa resuming his coaching duties

Patient with Cardiogenic Shock and Heart Failure Receives Award-Winning Care

When father of three Brian Pentsa’s atrial fibrillation diagnosis led to a medical emergency, he received expert care at University Hospitals’ award-winning cardiac intensive care unit.

Joe Timko in his garden on a sunny day

A Rejuvenated Heart

Joe Timko figured he was just growing old, with a persistent heaviness in his chest that left him feeling sluggish. He didn’t realize he had atrial fibrillation (AFib), the most common heart rhythm disorder.

Illustration of the WATCHMAN Device

Next-Generation Devices for AFib Offer an Alternative to Blood Thinners

A minimally invasive procedure has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of stroke and provides a promising alternative to blood thinners for many patients.

A heart shape on an electrocardiogram with a stethoscope

Rewiring the Heart: Catheter Ablation for AFib

A minimally invasive procedure called catheter ablation can stabilize the heart and offers an alternative to medication.

Glynn Crawford with Dr. Barbara Williams

Man’s Life Saved by a Wearable Heart Defibrillator

Just three days after being fitted with a LifeVest defibrillator, Glynn Crawford experienced a life-threatening abnormal heart rhythm. The wearable device detected this and shocked him back to life.

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