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Person Getting an Arm Splint

Living Pain-Free With Arthritis: Is It Possible?

Combined with other treatment methods, occupational and physical therapy make it possible for many people with arthritis to live pain-free.

A distraught senior woman suffering from pain in leg while sitting on sofa in the living room at home

Aching Knees? Here’s How to Ease the Pain

Many people experience knee pain. Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes you can make before seeing a physician.

Examining the hand of a senior patient

Is the Pain in Your Hand Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis?

While there are some common overlapping symptoms, the two conditions are vastly different. An orthopedic hand surgeon explains more.

Brenda James with Dan Zanotti, MD

Total Knee Replacement Allows Woman to Return to the Activities She Loves

When conservative treatments for severe arthritis in her right knee didn’t relieve her pain, Brenda underwent knee replacement surgery. Today, she is back to the activities she loves, pain-free.

University Hospitals

Hip Replacement Surgery Relieves Pain in 62-Year-Old Woman

Even after years of progressively worsening hip pain, 62-year-old Cathy Peltz was surprised when her doctor recommended total hip replacement surgery. Discharged after only two days and back to work in four weeks, Cathy is glad she took his advice.

Steven Fitzgerald, MD and Pat Palermo

Bilateral Hip Replacement Allows Chesterland Woman to Live Life to the Fullest

Advanced, painful arthritis in both hips became so painful that Pat feared she wouldn’t be able to participate in the fitness activities she loved. After two hip replacement surgeries, she has resumed her active lifestyle, without pain.

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