Child Safety

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young boy eating a strawberry

Best Tips To Protect Your Youngster from Common Choking Hazards

As curious young children discover their world, they learn to enjoy new foods and new experiences. But what they put in their mouths can become a choking danger.

pre-teen boy wearing helmet walking with bike

Best Bike-Riding Rules To Help Keep Your Child Safe

Bicycle riding is fun and a great way for kids to get exercise and be independent. But it’s important to remember that a bicycle is a vehicle, and not a toy – and it’s important to teach your children some basic safety tips when they start to ride.

child getting out of pool

The Truth About 'Dry Drowning' - And What Parents Need To Know

It’s more useful to think in terms of fatal or non-fatal drowning – and imperative for parents to recognize the signs of respiratory injury after their child has been under water.

three kids splashing in blue pool with pink inflatable raft

Best Ways to Avoid Infection, Illness When You Swim

Whenever you wade into a lake, pond, creek or swimming pool to splash and cool off, you run the risk of encountering microorganisms that could make you sick.

smiling mom buckles in infant into rear-facing car seat

Internet Buyers Beware: Counterfeit Child Car Seats Are Flourishing

If you’re shopping online for a child car seat, beware of knockoffs that fail to meet federal safety standards. Counterfeit car seats have flooded the market in recent years, putting children at greater risk of injury in a vehicle crash.

young infant lying on back with arms overhead

Does Your Baby's Head Have a Flat Spot? What To Do

Campaigns urging parents to put infants to sleep on their backs have saved lives, reducing the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. But one result is that more babies develop misshapen heads from lying on their backs all the time.

car seats

Car Seats and Carriers Are No Substitute For a Crib

Babies sleep a lot, and new parents know little ones can fall asleep almost anywhere. But that doesn’t mean babies should sleep anywhere.

young boy jumping on trampoline

Home Trampoline Safety: What Parents Should Know

Home trampolines have spiked in popularity recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But they cause thousands of injuries every year.

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