Child Safety

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Mother and baby in swimming pool

With a Shortage of Lifeguards, Here’s How to Keep Children Safe

A national lifeguard shortage this summer is causing thousands of public pools to close or cut back hours, leaving many beachgoers to swim at their own risk. Parents should be extra cautious about kids and water.

Keep Kids Safe This Summer

Keep Kids Safe This Summer

Many summertime activities carry health risks for children. Help them avoid these hazards with some simple precautions.

teething baby

Baby's Teeth Coming In? You Can Relieve Teething Pain Safely Without Medicine

Six simple solutions to give your baby teething pain relief without using any medicine -- either prescribed or over-the-counter.

father buckling young child into car seat

Getting the Best Protection From Your Child’s Car Seat

It can be a challenge for parents to figure out the right time to graduate a child from a rear-facing infant car seat to a forward-facing car seat, then to a booster seat and finally to no child seat at all. Learn when to switch the seat.

young boy eating a strawberry

Best Tips To Protect Your Youngster from Common Choking Hazards

As curious young children discover their world, they learn to enjoy new foods and new experiences. But what they put in their mouths can become a choking danger.

pre-teen boy wearing helmet walking with bike

Best Bike-Riding Rules To Help Keep Your Child Safe

Bicycle riding is fun and a great way for kids to get exercise and be independent. But it’s important to remember that a bicycle is a vehicle, and not a toy – and it’s important to teach your children some basic safety tips when they start to ride.

child getting out of pool

The Truth About 'Dry Drowning' – And What Parents Need To Know

It’s more useful to think in terms of fatal or non-fatal drowning – and imperative for parents to recognize the signs of respiratory injury after their child has been under water.

three kids splashing in blue pool with pink inflatable raft

Best Ways to Avoid Infection, Illness When You Swim

Whenever you wade into a lake, pond, creek or swimming pool to splash and cool off, you run the risk of encountering microorganisms that could make you sick.

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