Abby’s Story

Measuring Blood Sugar Level Of Girl With Glucometer

“This time last year we were in shock as we sat in the pediatric intensive care unit while our daughter, Abby, was being treated for Diabetic ketoacidosis. Diabetes doesn’t run in our family. Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Jamie Wood stopped in Abby’s PICU room at just the right time to offer much needed reassurance. Despite this surprising and scary diagnosis, our daughter would be okay.

Type 1 diabetes patient Abby at UH Rainbow at time of diagnosis and celebrating her 1st
Pictured: left to right: Abby at UH Rainbow at time of diagnosis; Abby celebrating her 1st “Diabirthday” one year later.

“Flash forward 12 months and today Abby, 11, is managing Type 1 diabetes like a rock star. We are so proud of her resilience and positive attitude. She wears a continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump and often changes the site and pump on her own. Staying at home more due to COVID-19 gave us all more confidence as we navigate the ins and outs of this lifelong disease.

“Abby loves to play volleyball, basketball and softball. She plans to open her own art studio one day. We are grateful to have UH Rainbow’s amazing team of doctors and nurses as partners in her care. We knew when Abby received the diagnosis that our lives wouldn’t be the same. What we didn’t know was how strong our daughter is, and watching her handle diabetes we are certain she can handle anything life throws her way.” – Amy & Judd Smerglia, Abby’s parents

To learn more about UH Rainbow’s Type 1 Diabetes care and research, visit here.
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