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Man lying on couch clutching stomach

Is It Stomach Bug, Stomach Flu, or Food Poisoning?

Your stomach is in knots as another wave of nausea strikes, sending you to the bathroom for the third time in an hour. Understanding the cause can lead to feeling better sooner and even prevent the illness from occurring in the first place.

woman wearing face mask with coronavirus

Why Are COVID-19 Cases Rising When Vaccinations Are Increasing?

While more and more people are getting vaccinated, many medical experts and scientists think COVID-19 cases are rising in a new “fourth wave.” Learn more about the coronavirus variants and likely reasons why U.S. cases recently began going up.

Man in a crowd of people

COVID-19 Vaccination is Key to Putting the Pandemic in the Past

With nearly everyone now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination, it seems as though light may be appearing at the end of the tunnel. We spoke with Keith Armitage, MD, about how we can start getting back to a post-pandemic normal.

Masked physician consults with masked patient

Your Primary Care Provider Can Help Treat Your Mental Health, Too

You don’t have to wait for an appointment with a psychiatrist if you feel the need for mental health care services. You can bring up any concerns about your mental or emotional health with your primary care provider.

doctor putting bandaid on patient upper arm

What You Can Expect After Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19

Learn more about what happens after you receive your first and second inoculation against the coronavirus.

examining a label of an over-the-counter drug

Getting the Most Out of Over-the-Counter Medicines

Pain relievers, cough suppressants, nasal sprays – these and other over-the-counter medicines are supposed to help us feel better when we have minor illnesses. But do these medicines really work?

woman touching index finger to lip

Cold Sores: Best Treatments To Ease the Pain

Cold sores can be uncomfortable and the changes they cause in appearance can be a source of embarrassment. The good news is a cold sore is not a serious medical condition, and there are things you can do to make them less painful.

covid and humidity

The Role of Dry Winter Air in Spreading COVID-19

Low relative humidity can aid in the transmission of COVID-19 in three primary ways. Learn what you should do to create a safer environment at home.

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