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A dad spending some time with his son, snacking while they prepare some lunch together

The Re-emergence of Polio: What You Need to Know

The first U.S. case of polio in a decade and evidence of community spread in New York raises concerns about a disease most Americans have never had to think about.

Woman in pain clutching her side

Shingles Vaccine: Who Should Get it and When?

Singer Justin Bieber was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome - a rare complication of shingles. Learn how the shingles vaccine protects you.

A professional pharmacist helping a female customer with medicine recommendation

Generic vs. Brand-Name Drugs: Is There a Difference?

University Hospitals Chief Pharmacy Officer, Henry C Burgess, PharmD, answers common questions about generic prescription drugs.

Close up of microplastics spread on fingertips

What Are Microplastics and How Can You Reduce Your Risk?

Microplastics are found nearly everywhere on our planet. Here are some ways you can reduce your exposure and prevent more from entering our environment.

Illustration of sickle cell anemia

The Invisible Toll of Living with Sickle Cell Disease

People living with sickle cell disease face a host of daunting physical challenges that affect their quality of life.

Senior woman using phone in bedroom

Help is Available for Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

As advanced medical care has enabled more patients to survive severe illness and injury, more attention is being focused on the need for follow-up care.

A man in a hazmat suit holds a chicken

Deadly Bird Flu Strain Doesn’t Spread Easily to Humans

Outbreaks of a deadly strain of bird flu have infected poultry and wild birds across the globe. UH infectious disease specialist Keith Armitage, MD, answers common questions.

Doctor is talking to and examining the patient while nurse is taking notes in medical chart

3 Health Screenings You May Not Know About – But Should

Many of us are aware of standard screenings such as a yearly mammogram for women 40 and older or a colonoscopy after age 45. But there are other screenings that can be equally important.

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