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Woman consoled by doctor

With Pregnancy Loss, Support Is Available For a Devastating Time

When pregnancy loss happens, people often feel alone — but unfortunately, it’s an all-too-common occurrence. In fact, about 15 percent of confirmed pregnancies end in loss.

doctor showing chart to pregnant patient

Pregnant or Planning to Get Pregnant? 5 COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Debunked

If you’re planning to have a baby soon, you may have concerns about getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Here are five myths you may have heard about – and the research-based facts that debunk them.

postpartum visit

Why New Moms Shouldn't Skip the Postpartum Checkup

Having an appointment to make sure you are at your physical and emotional best helps you take better care of your baby and enjoy this pivotal time in both your lives.

postpartum depression

Depression After Your Baby's Birth: Self-Care Steps To Take

Postpartum depression differs from the baby blues in that the symptoms are more severe and last longer. This type of depression affects around 13 percent of moms.


Thinking About a Nurse-Midwife? What You Need To Know

Births attended by nurse-midwives have jumped significantly in recent years, accounting for 12.1 percent of all vaginal births in the United States in 2014.

x-rays and pregnancy

Are X-Rays Safe If You're Pregnant?

Even though X-rays are generally safe for women who are pregnant, you can take a few precautions.

pregnancy stages

What You Can Expect During Each Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy usually lasts nine months and is grouped into three-month periods called trimesters. Learn more about what symptoms to expect when you're pregnant.

laughing gas

Laughing Gas For Pain? It's An Option for Women In Labor

Nitrous oxide – which many of us know as laughing gas, an old-school anesthesia used by dentists – is making a comeback in the modern birthing suite.

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