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An adorable baby boy sleeping in his mother's arms

Baby Care 101

As a new parent, taking care of your infant can be a little intimidating. There are so many “firsts” to tackle – from baby’s first bath to those initial wobbly steps. Brush up on your caregiving skills with this quick primer.

”Jojo” Jones pictured before and after his kidney transplant procedure

Toddler Thrives After Receiving Kidney Transplant at UH Rainbow

After receiving a kidney transplant at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, one-and-a-half-year-old Josiah “Jojo” Jones is full of energy and doing great.

teething baby

Baby's Teeth Coming In? You Can Relieve Teething Pain Safely Without Medicine

Six simple solutions to give your baby teething pain relief without using any medicine -- either prescribed or over-the-counter.

Mother feeding baby with bottle on sofa

Easy Ways to Enhance Your Baby's Brain Development

90 percent of brain development occurs in the first 2000 days of life. Learn how you can enhance your child’s brain development and strengthen emotional attachments.

Baby Formula Shortage - Advice from a Pediatrician and Tips for Concerned Parents

Amid a nationwide baby formula shortage that has left many retail shelves bare of popular formula brands and forced some retailers to ration supplies, what do you need to know about switching and supplementing your baby’s formula?


What To Do When Others Tell You How to Raise Your Baby

When you become a parent, it often feels like everyone around you has an opinion about all things baby-related. Learn how to handle these well-meaning suggestions.

Woman holding her newborn after birth in hospital

How Your Newborn Baby Communicates with You

Connecting with your baby before and after birth can set the stage for your relationship with your child over the entire course of your lives together. How can a parent connect with a newborn, who has almost no ability to communicate?

mom lying in bed with child propped up on her bent legs playing finger game

How Your Child Learns To Read -- and How You Can Help

Babies begin learning right from the moment of birth. Spend as much time as you can talking, reading, singing, and playing with your baby with these tips from UH Rainbow Babies and Children's.

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