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University Hospitals Cutler Center for Men Opens at UH Ahuja Medical Center


A visionary approach to men’s health and wellness

Innovations in Urology | Summer 2023

Men have a complicated relationship with healthcare. Though studies show men in the U.S. want to be healthy, good intentions are often not enough. Fewer than 50 percent of men nationwide have a primary care provider, and 250,000 fewer men than women see a doctor each year in Cleveland alone. Generally, men view health and wellbeing as worries for another day – resulting in shorter life expectancy than women, higher rates of cancer, behavioral health issues and more.

Cutler Center for Men at UH Ahuja WelcomeUH Cutler Center for Men’s flagship location delivers comprehensive men’s health services in a setting unlike any other.

Enter University Hospitals Cutler Center for Men – a program on a mission to provide men with unprecedented and uncomplicated access to the health experts, services and resources needed for a lifetime of good physical, mental and emotional health. This summer, UH Cutler Center for Men opened its flagship location at the health system’s UH Ahuja Medical Center on Cleveland’s east side.

“Our team aims to redefine wellbeing for men through thoughtful, personalized touchpoints that provide lifelong, comprehensive support,” explained Lee Ponsky, MD, FACS, Executive Director, UH Cutler Center for Men, Professor & Chairman, UH Urology Institute, Leo & Charlotte Goldberg Chair in Advanced Surgical Therapies, and Master Clinician in Urologic Oncology. “UH Cutler Center for Men is more than just another healthcare experience. Creating an environment and experiences that empower and ease tension will help men be more proactive and holistic about their care, catch issues earlier, and improve the length and quality of their lives.”

Health Experts & Resources

Part of the hospital’s Phase II expansion, the space offers a wide variety of services making it the epicenter for men’s health in Northeast Ohio:

Cutler Center for Men at UH Ahuja Clinical Hallway areaSpacious exam rooms and open clinical workstations ensure high-quality care.

Bringing multiple specialties under one roof, the new location is set to streamline workflows – reducing barriers to entry for guys hesitant to seek care.

Specialty Programs & Events

Specialty programs and events will be hosted in the UH Cutler Center for Men space, intended to help men expand their definition of healthcare and adopt practices for full-life fitness. Event and program categories may include:

  • Behavioral, Spiritual & Emotional Health
  • Relationships & Parenthood
  • Intimacy & Sexual Health
  • Finance & Legal Wellness
  • Career & Education
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Grooming & Lifestyle
  • Safety & Preparedness

“We are expanding the offerings of what traditional health care looks like, as it is more than just getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked,” Dr. Ponsky says. “The Center offers a way to add value to men’s lives. We hope to provide guidance on their lifestyle, too, from helping them be better dads and partners, to helping save money for retirement.”

Amenities That Go Above & Beyond

Cuter Center for Men at UH AhujaAmenities station replaces the traditional front desk.

UH Cutler Center for Men at UH Ahuja Medical Center is not your average doctor’s office. The hospitality zone features:

  • Amenities – Offering free and for purchase snack, beverage and wellness items.
  • Skybox Seating – Open after hours for viewing of the 45-yard football field on the building’s first floor.
  • Zen Area – Comfortable seating surrounding a large screen for meditation and mindfulness practices.
  • Interactive Display – Sports bar-style screens for live-action viewing, interactive entertainment and other useful information.
  • Game Tables – A variety of group games including billiards and foosball.
  • Contactless Check-In – Roaming attendants and kiosks replace your standard front desk.
Cutler Center for Men relaxation areaMoss wall, lounge seating and zen screen provide opportunities to relax pre/post-appointment.

The New Standard for Patient Experience

“UH Cutler Center for Men was designed to give ‘wow experiences’ to each and every patient that walks through our doors,” said Dr. Ponsky. “In addition to advanced health care services, an inviting demeanor, personal touches and extreme attention to detail are guaranteed for guests in the space. We are creating an elevated customer experience – like you would receive at the Ritz Carlton and Disney.” Each and every employee at UH Cutler Center for Men – from surgeon to environmental service – has been vetted and equipped for care of the highest quality.

Cutler Center for Men Foosball image

Ultimately, UH Cutler Center for Men flips the standard care setting on its head. Prioritizing comfort, customization and connection, the clinic becomes a destination. Making healthcare more approachable, even enjoyable for men, the Center fulfills its donors’ wishes to close the healthcare gender gap in Cleveland.

Cutler Center for Men pool table imageStadium chairs and game tables pay homage to the beloved man cave.

Though establishing the flagship in Beachwood, Ohio, UH Cutler Center for Men offers a virtual membership program with many benefits realized digitally and out in the community. Enrollees receive exclusive invites and insights to help them get and stay healthy – keeping health top of mind for men when not onsite. Members also gain access to the Joe Team – a band of men’s health guides who specialize in helping navigate UH’s services.

Learn more about UH Cutler Center for Men at UH Ahuja Medical Center.