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UH Ahuja Services

UH Cutler Center for Men at UH Ahuja Medical Center

University Hospitals Cutler Center for Men provides men with unprecedented and seamless access to the health experts, services and resources needed for a lifetime of good physical, mental and emotional health. UH Cutler Center for Men’s flagship location on the third floor of the Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute at UH Ahuja Medical Center delivers comprehensive men’s health services in a setting unlike any other.

Meet Your Men’s Health Providers

A New Approach to Men’s Health & Wellness

University Hospitals Cutler Center for Men is more than just another healthcare experience. It’s a full wraparound service that aims to redefine well-being for men through thoughtful, personalized care that provides lifelong, comprehensive support. Creating a healthcare experience that empowers and eases tension, UH Cutler Center for Men helps men be more proactive and holistic about their health, catching issues earlier and improving the length and quality of men’s lives.

The New Standard for Patient Experience

The UH Cutler Center for Men was designed to give “wow experiences.” An inviting demeanor, personal touches and extreme attention to detail are guaranteed for guests in the space. Each and every employee at UH Cutler Center for Men – from surgeon to environmental service – is vetted and equipped for care of the highest quality.

An Epicenter for Men’s Health Services

UH Cutler Center for Men at UH Ahuja Medical Center’s Phase 2 Expansion offers a wide variety of clinical services making it the epicenter for men’s health services in Northeast Ohio. In the space, patients can find:

Specialty programs and events will be hosted in the UH Cutler Center for Men space, intended to help men expand their definition of healthcare and adopt practices for full-life fitness. Event and program categories may include:

Behavioral, Spiritual & Emotional Health

Grooming & Lifestyle

Relationships & Parenthood

Intimacy & Sexual Health

Finance & Legal Wellness

Career & Education

Nutrition & Fitness

Safety & Preparedness

UH Cutler Center for Men will also explore programs and services in close collaboration with its neighbors in UH Ahuja Medical Center’s Phase 2 Expansion: the UH Drusinsky Family Sports Medicine Institute (Floor 1) and the UH Potash Women & Newborn Center (Floor 2).

Tech-Enabled Success

Serving as a sandbox for new and improved healthcare technology, UH Cutler Center for Men – guided by UH Ventures – pilots solutions to streamline workflows for patients and providers alike. From the latest clinical tech to wayfinding and other patient-centric applications, digital engagement plays a crucial role in the success of UH Cutler Center for Men.

  • Visitor Management App: This app was created by our team in conjunction with UH’s Information Technology and Patient Experience groups to deliver a frictionless experience for our visitors from check-in to check-out.
  • Check-In Kiosk: If less chatter is what you’re after, utilize our free-standing kiosk to let our staff know you’ve arrived.

Ultimately, the solutions implemented at our flagship location personalize the patient’s experience and alleviate pain points throughout their journey.

What to Expect

When you arrive UH Cutler Center for Men at Ahuja Medical Center, you won’t find a front desk. Instead, you’ll see members of our Joe team carrying tablets or stationed behind mobile carts – a setup that encourages flexibility, offers privacy and prevents a lengthy line. These Joes will take your information as usual and, if eligible, offer you the opportunity to become a member of our program. You’re then free to enjoy the space and all its amenities!

Following check-in, you will receive a text message from our Visitor Management App. If you’d like, you can login to:

  1. View your wait status and real-time updates to your doctor’s schedule.
  2. See information about your doctor/appointment and view any important announcements.
  3. Ask our team members questions and/or make requests through text/chat.

When it’s time for you appointment, a clinical staff member will come get you – no matter where in the space you are. Post-appointment, check-out and any follow-up scheduling will take place in the comfort of your exam room.

Amenities That Go Above and Beyond

Whether you enter UH Cutler Center for Men for an appointment, or simply need a space to sit for a bit, you’ll find that it is not your average doctor’s office. The hospitality zone features:

The Amenities Bar at UH Cutler Center for Men
  • Amenities Station – Offering free and for-purchase snack, beverage and wellness options.
  • Skybox Seating – Open after hours for viewing of the full-length football field on the building’s first floor.
  • Zen Area – Comfortable seating surrounding a large screen for meditation and mindfulness practices.
  • Interactive Display – Sports bar-style screens for live-action viewing, interactive entertainment and other useful information.
  • Game Tables – A variety of group games including billiards and foosball.

The UH Cutler Center for Men care zone prioritizes:

  • Comfort – Windows, spacious exam & procedure rooms and top-of-the-line, ergonomic furniture keep interactions cool and comfortable.
  • Consult – Dedicated consult rooms allow one-on-one conversations in a quiet, safe space.
  • Connection – Digital screens in exam rooms bring additional learning and communication opportunities.
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Member Exclusives

While patient care is our highest priority, UH Cutler Center for Men goes beyond provider visits. UH Cutler Center for Men is both an in-person experience and a digital presence that travels with you, giving access to individuals and services that deliver preventive, specialty and full-life care. UH Cutler Center for Men members get access to exclusive invites and insights to help them get and stay healthy. Health expertise and a community of support are at the fingertips of members as they look to optimize and own their healthcare journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Men’s Health Providers at UH Ahuja Medical Center

Madeline Bals, RD, LD

Cindy Craig, CNP


Robert Denton, PsyD

Jenna Flick, CNP


Ramy Abou Ghayda, MD, MPH