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UH Ahuja Medical Center

Expanding UH Ahuja Medical Center to Meet Community Need

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In 2011, University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center opened as a model of modern healthcare, a flagship facility dedicated to innovation, quality and patient-centered care. A $236 million expansion of UH Ahuja Medical Center will build on this vision, bringing new, advanced and comprehensive care programs to meet the needs of area residents.

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Projected to open in summer 2023, the new expansion will include:

Women and Newborn Services

A family-focused home for expectant mothers and newborns, the Steve and Loree Potash Women & Newborn Center will include maternal-fetal health services, labor and delivery, a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and family gathering spaces.

From natural, drug-free births to midwife-assisted water labor, the center will accommodate a variety of birth plans and, for added safety and peace of mind, will feature an on-site surgical suite and NICU.

Breast Health

Empowering patients through comprehensive care, the Breast Health Center will deliver the full spectrum of services, from preventive and wellness care to breast cancer treatment.

In addition to the new Breast Health Center, women’s services will also expand to include obstetrics, gynecology, advanced imaging, cardiology, orthopedics and gastroenterology.

Sports Medicine

Delivering unmatched care for every athlete, the world-class Drusinsky Family Sports Medicine Complex will feature a sports performance center, outpatient rehabilitation space, a sports walk-in clinic and dedicated high-tech imaging. In its first year, the complex expects to serve more than 1,350 sports performance patients.

Designed to ensure every athlete has immediate access to the comprehensive care they need to perform at the top of their game, the Drusinsky Family Sports Medicine Complex at UH Ahuja Medical Center will set a new model for modern orthopedic care. Staffed by board-certified orthopedic surgeons, the world-class facility will be a home for athletes of all ages and abilities, giving patients a seamless path from consult to surgery, all the way through rehabilitation and strength training.

UH Cutler Center for Men

University Hospitals Cutler Center for Men provides men with unprecedented and uncomplicated access to the health experts, services and resources needed for a lifetime of good physical, mental and emotional health. Motivating men to prioritize their health through prevention and wellness care, the innovative UH Cutler Center for Men will deliver a full range of coordinated services, ranging from preventive to specialty urologic care.

With an emphasis on customer experience and digital engagement, UH Cutler Center for Men aims to redefine wellbeing for men. Members of UH Cutler Center for Men gain access to next-level care through thoughtful, personalized touchpoints that provide lifelong, comprehensive support. Learn more about UH Cutler Center for Men membership.

Emergency Medicine

Delivering expert care in the moments you need it most, the UH Ahuja Emergency Department will be expanded and add Level II trauma care to accommodate a predicted 20 percent increase in ER visits; a new Short-Stay Unit will provide dedicated observation services.

The Ahuja Phase 2 expansion will transform emergency care on the eastside, expanding capacity for complex cases while reforming core Emergency Department (ED) processes such as triage assessments, managing patients under observation, and addressing the complexities of behavioral health. And, because nearly 70 percent of hospital inpatients are admitted through the ED, the effort will extend beyond the room emergency care and see expansion of surgical and imaging services as well as improvements to inpatient care.

Service Expansion

With expanding surgical, endoscopic, imaging and dialysis services, Phase 2 will promote same-day care, allowing patients to recover from the comfort and safety of home.