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Standard TB Tests May Not Detect Infection in Certain Exposed Individuals

UH / CWRUSOM Press Release - July 1, 2019

Martin Bocks, MD, Discusses use of Piccolo™ Occluder Device to Repair Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Premie Twins

Innovations in Pediatrics | Summer 2019

Protected PCI Protocols Introduced Across the UH System

UH is first to promote system-wide protocols and hire dedicated coordinator - June 2019

Opportunities Abound for Leadership Development at UH

UH Clinical Update - June | 2019

Changing Someone's World with a Cup of Lemon Ice

Improving value in the care we provide - UH Clinical Update | June 2019

Common Antidepressants Interact with Common Opioid Medication to Lessen Pain Relief, UH Study Finds

Findings could help explain apparent opioid drug-seeking behavior and opioid overuse - UH Clinical Update | June 2019

“Exploding” Number of New Therapies Now Available for Lung Cancer, UH Expert Says

New thoracic oncology specialist at UH sits on prestigious National Comprehensive Cancer Network guideline committee - UH Clinical Update | June 2019

UH Develops First-of-Its-Kind Transfusion Management Software

Transfusion appropriateness algorithm powering the tool was created using recommended transfusion criteria supported by a multidisciplinary team of more than 30 UH experts - UH Clinical Update | June 2019

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