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Novel Stent from Ureteral Stent Co. and Invented by University Hospitals Lee Ponsky, MD, Secures FDA Clearance

With support of UH Ventures, State of Ohio, ProMedica Innovations and regional investors, the new Relief™ Stent has the potential to ease pain for millions of patients and reduce hospital costs

Getty image of testicular cancer cell

Reducing Morbidity in Testicular Cancer Treatment

Innovations in Urology | Summer 2022

University Hospitals Urology Institute Physician Helps Assess Impact of COVID-19 on Urology Practice

Innovations in Urology | Winter 2022

Prostate Cancer 3D illustration

Researchers Show Increased Survival Rate in Prostate Cancer Patients with Addition of Hormone Therapy Treatments

First-of-its-kind meta-analysis published in The Lancet Oncology - Innovations in Cancer Winter 2022

Overactive bladder illustration

New Options Can Improve Quality of Life for Women with Urinary Disorders

Women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and overactive bladder (OAB) have potential new options. - Innovations in Urology | Winter 2022

Adonis Hijaz, MD Urology

A Conversation with University Hospitals' Adonis Hijaz, MD

Female urology specialist at University Hospitals Urology Institute - UH Research & Education Update | January 2022

Jonathan Shoag, MD Urology

UH Seidman Cancer Center Using Machine Learning, Novel Statistical Methods to Identify Prostate Cancer Therapies

Urologic oncologist Jonathan Shoag, MD, finding new roles for old drugs - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2021

Rachel Pope, MD, Urology in Sierra Leone with patients

Going Global to Change Lives

Going Global to Change Lives Roe Green Global Health Scholar travels to Sierra Leone to perform surgeries in sub-Saharan Africa

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