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Macular hole image

University Hospitals Ophthalmologist Offers Surgical Patients a Better Experience

He offers unusual face-up recovery for patients undergoing vitrectomy for a macular hole - UH Clinical Update | Otober 2020

Cyrus Rabbini, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon Joins University Hospitals

A Q&A with Cyrus Rabbani, MD - UH Clinical Update | October 2020

University Hospiotals Orthopedics Department Update | Fall 2020

Resiliency marks department’s growth and development of “return to play” plans for pro and amateur athletes alike - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2020

Orthopedic Trauma Volume Grows During COVID-19

Department acts quickly to implement new protocols while handling increase in surgeries - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2020

George Ochenjele, MD

Physician Spotlight: George Ochenjele, MD Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon

“Do the right thing and the rest will take care of itself.” - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2020


Innovation at University Hospitals Leads to Safer Same day Procedure for Left Artrial Appendage Patients

Conscious sedation approach uses cardiac CTA for pre-procedure planning and intracardiac echo during the procedure - Innovations in Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery | Fall 2020

Diabetes and heart disease

New Center Advances Integrated Care for Diabetes and Metabolic-Linked Cardiovascular and Renal Disease

CINEMA offers a novel holistic approach to treatment and risk mitigation - Innovations in Cardiovascular Disease & Surgery | Fall 2020

Cardiac MR scan

Novel Cardiac MRI Protocol Explores Impact of COVID-19-Linked Myocardial Injury

New approach captures a highly detailed assessment of heart and lung function in a subset of survivors - Innovations in Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery | Fall 2020

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