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Team Led by UH Seidman Cancer Center Researcher Develops and Validates Three-in-One CAR T Therapy

Approach detailed in the journal Nature Communications shows therapeutic potential of BAFF CAR T for treating multiple B cell cancers, using mouse models with high effectiveness and minimum side effects - Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2022

Meaghan Costedio, MD

Excellence in Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery

Meagan Costedio, MD, recently recognized with a “Dinner with the Doc” honor, is a leader in surgical innovation at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center | UH Clinical Update | January 2022

Patients with Too Many Meds, Too Little Time?

Call the Chronic Care Clinic - UH Clinical Update | January 2022

ACL reconstruction image from Video Journal

Delaying Surgery After an ACL Tear Increases Risk of Further Injury in Young Athletes, UH Rainbow Study Finds

Risk increases 2% per every week surgery is delayed - Innovations in Pediatrics | Winter 2022

UH Seidman Cancer Center Faculty Presentation Highlights from ASH 2021 and ASTRO 2021 Annual Meetings

Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2021

NK Cells illustration

Cleveland Team Develops New Method to Drive Robust Expansion and Activation of Natural Killer Cells

Approach promises to increase access to NK therapeutics - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2021

CAR T illustration

Anti-CD19 CAR T-Cells Produced Locally at UH Seidman Cancer Center Induce High Remission Rates in B-cell Malignancies, Study Finds

Clinical trials published in Nature Communications detail advantages of local approach - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2021

Infusion Center

Infusion Center Cost-Effectively Fills Urgent Need

Innovations in Digestive Health | Fall 2021

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