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Sam Rodgers-Melnick, MPH, MT-BC

Music Therapy in Medical Care

University Hospitals Researcher Receives NIH Award to Study Real-World Effectiveness of Music Therapy in Medical Care.

UH HHVI live OR filming

From Our Cath Labs & ORs to the World

UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute Update | September/October 2023

Matthew Pawlicki, MD Primary Care Physician

UH Geauga Primary Care Provider Fills Vital Role Managing Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities

UH Clinical Update | September 2023

Scrambler Therapy

UH Joins Elite Few in Offering ‘Scrambler Therapy’ for Patients with Pain

UH Clinical Update | September 2023

Martha Sajatovic, MD Psychiatry

UH Psychiatrist Honored for International Coalition to Better Understand Bipolar Disorder in Older Adults

UH Clinical Update | September 2023

Jordan Winter, MD Surgical Oncology

UH Seidman Surgical Oncology Chief Fights the Good Fight for Patients with Few Options

UH Clinical Update | September 2023

Wayne Cohen-Levy, MD

Outstanding Empathy for Patients Motivates UH Ahuja Orthopaedic Surgeon

UH Clinical Update | September 2023

Diabetes A1C testing image from Getty

University Hospitals Team Presents Innovative and Effective Diabetes Care Plan at National Meeting

UH Clinical Update | August 2023

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