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University Hospitals Rising to the Challenge of a Pandemic

UH and its clinicians have a legacy that is unlike any other hospital when it comes to responding to worldwide threats and mobilizing its caregivers - UH Clinical Update | March 2020

University Hospitals Recruits Accomplished Physician in Integrative Medicine

David W. Miller, MD, LAc to build innovative pediatric integrative health program for the system

What Makes University Hospitals Tick?

Understanding our culture, laying the foundation for turning aspiration into action - UH Clinical Update | February 2020

Dry Needling for Pelvic Dysfunction?

Therapy that can be very effective for orthopedic issues, can also be used to treat pelvic dysfunction in women and men - UH Clinical Update | February 2020

Investigational Drug for Resistant Hypertension Available to UH Patients in Clinical Trial

Men and women who are taking three different types of anti-hypertension drugs without success are eligible to participate - UH Clinical Update | February 2020

Injecting a Modified Herpes Virus Into the Melanoma Battle

FDA-approved immunotherapy treatment employed at UH for advanced, unresectable cancers - UH Clinical Update | February 2020

Anatomy of an Engaged Clinical Community

Recent UH initiatives help boost engagement among our physicians and providers - UH Clinical Update | December 2019

Same-Day Discharge After a Hysterectomy?

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocol at UH makes it possible - UH Clinical Update | December 2019

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