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Frank Kelley, MD

Improving the Hospital Experience in Portage County

Chief Hospitalist Frank Kelley, MD, winner of a recent “Dinner with the Doc” award, is helping to improve quality and patient experience at UH Portage Medical Center - UH Clinical Update | July 2021

Digestive Health Institute Update | Summer 2021

Innovations in Digestive Health | Summer 2021

AANA Proclamations 2021

Ceremony Celebrating American Association of Nurse Anesthetists'90th Anniversary

Nurse Anesthetists Honored at Ceremony Celebrating American Association of Nurse Anesthetists' (AANA) 90th Anniversary - June 2021

Melissa Childress, MBA, UHSCC COO

UH Seidman Cancer Center Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer

A Message from President & Scientific Director Theodoros Teknos, MD - UH SCC Update | June 2021

Massimo Safety Net

Team at UH Using “Guardian Angel” Monitoring with COVID-19 Patients Wins OHA Award

Masimo SafetyNet technology shown to preserve vital hospital capacity and encourage connections between caregivers and patients - UH Clinical Update | May/June 2021

Stephanie Teal, MD, MPH

Stephanie Teal, MD, MPH Appointed Obstetrician and Gynecologist-in-Chief, University Hospitals

May 24, 2021

transcatheter aortic valve replacement

After 10 Years, UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute Continues to Innovate with TAVR

Two new clinical trials aim to refine and expand the indications for the procedure - UH Clinical Update | March 2021

Keary O'Connor, DO

Second Integrative Medicine Physician Joins UH Connor Integrative Health Network

Keary O’Connor, DO, prizes connecting and communicating with people - UH Clinical Update | March 2021

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