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research Stigma illustraiton

Targeting Stigma and Hesitancy to Participate in Research Among Patients with Neurological Disorders

Innovations in Neurology & Neurosurgery| Winter 2023

Huntington's Disease Clinic at University Hospitals Offers Needed Expertise

Multidisciplinary approach sets it apart - UH Clinical Update | August 2022

Jeffrey Janata, PhD, UH Psychology

Medical Psychologist Dedicates His Life to Helping People in Pain

Jeffrey Janata, PhD

Felipe Amunategui, PhD

Physician Spotlight: Felipe Amunategui PhD, UH Child Psychology

University Hospitals mental health provider in focus | May 2021

Thomas Scheidemantel, MD, UH Psychiatry

Physician Spotlight: Thomas Scheidemantel, MD, UH Psychiatry

University Hospitals mental health provider in focus | May 2021

Mapping brain circuitry image

Mapping Brain Circuitry in Bipolar Disorder

Novel imaging techniques help identify surgical targets for deep brain stimulation - Innovations in Neurology & Neurosurgery | Winter 2021

New Paper Proposes Framework for Eliminating Defects in Psychiatric Care

Calls for psychiatrists to become ‘system engineers’ in their healthcare organizations - UH News Release

Normalizing Patients' Stressful Experiences Key for Providers During the Pandemic

A Q&A with new UH psychiatrist Heather Wobbe, DO - UH Clinical Update | September 2020

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