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ACL tear illustration

Delayed ACL Surgery Appears to Increase Future Injury Risk in Young Athletes

Innovations in Orthopaedics | Summer 2022

Lulu Zhao, MD with patient at Women's and Children's Center

University Hospitals RISE Programs Approach to Caring for Mothers and Children Affected by Substance Exposure

Innovations in Obstetrics & Gynecology | Summer 2022

Michael Glotzbecker, MD using pulse technology in peds ortho spine surgery

UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital First in the World to use the Pulse Platform for Pediatric Spine Surgery

Advanced technology designed to make spine surgery safer, faster, and smarter

Baby in Peds ICU

New Research at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Evaluates Critical Illness from COVID-19 vs Influenza in Children

The study found more children were admitted to pediatric ICUs with COVID-19 than influenza

Innovating Care for Long-Haul COVID Clinic Patients at UH Rainbow

“Dinner with the Doc” honorees Amy Edwards, MD, and David Miller, MD, provide excellence in patient care as directors of the UH Covid Long Haul Clinic for children - UH Clinical Update | June 2022

Katherine Kutney, MD Peds Endocrinology

CWRU’s Katherine Kutney receives prestigious Hartwell Foundation award to research diabetic kidney disease in children and teens

Case Western Reserve University New s Release

Helping University Hospitals Navigate the Pandemic

Claudia Hoyen, MD, a recent “Dinner with the Doc” honoree, is a reassuring source of infectious disease expertise for UH, the region and the nation during COVID - UH Clinical Update | April 2022

David W. Miller, MD, LAc, combines practices of Western and Eastern medicine to help kids heal and thrive

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