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UH Digestive Health Institute Update | Fall 2020

Digestive Diseases Research Core Center receives additional grant; screenings rise during pandemic | Innovations in Digestive Health | Fall 2020

Getty image lung cancer cell division

CWRU and UH Researchers Secure $4 Million in NCI Funding to Investigate Relationships between HIV and Lung Cancer in East Africa

News Release

Endometriosis illustration

Researchers Test New Drug to Block Pain Receptors in Endometriosis Patients

Phase II trial will help determine optimal dose of P2X3 antagonist - Innovations in Obstetrics & Gynecology | Fall 2020

Maintaining Hope in the Face of COVID-19

The latest news on UH’s involvement in testing a vaccine against the novel coronavirus - UH Clinical Update | September 2020

Study Shows Socioeconomic Status Linked to Heart Failure Mortality in United States

Research highlights importance of addressing socioeconomic factors to improve outcomes | UH News Release

New Research Shows Air Pollution Could Play a Role in Development of Cardiometabolic Diseases, Diabetes

First-of-its-kind study, based on a mouse model, finds living in a polluted environment could be comparable to eating a high-fat diet, leading to a pre-diabetic state | New Release

What's New in Research at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio

Approach to discovery spans basic science to clinical impact - UH Alumni Associations e-Newsletter | September 2020

The Parallel Path at University Hospitals Urology Institute

Creating a culture where clinical and academic medicine both thrive - Innovations in Urology | Summer 2020

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