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Inner ear illustration

Restoring Hearing Loss through Scientific Advancement

Endoscopic ear surgeon and pioneer, Alejandro Rivas, MD, discusses the latest advances in cochlear implant surgery and his clinical trials aimed to prevent hearing loss in children and adults.

Diabetes insulin

Real-world Observations and Passion Delivers a Diabetes Financial Tool-kit Solution for Young Adults

UH Research & Education Update | May 2023

Post ICU Recovery clinic patient and nurses

New Research Validates Approach of UH Post-ICU Recovery Clinic and Support Group

UH Clinical Update | May 2023

Julia Blanchette,PhD

UH Nurse-Scientist Looks to Boost Financial Literacy to Improve Health Outcomes for Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

UH Clinical Update | May 2023

Melanoma cancer cell illustration

UH Seidman Oncologists Help Chart New Path for Advanced Melanoma Patients

Innovations in Cancer | Summer 2023

Cancer malignant cells

Community-Engaged Research Combats Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer

Cynthia Owusu, MD and Randy Vince, MD discuss how they help improve the social determinants of health and health disparities for African American men and women with prostate and breast cancers.

Innovative Artificial Intelligence Research Collaborative at UH Aims to Enhance Patient Safety and Care

UH Clinical Update | March 2023

Join the Clinical Research Ambassadors Program at University Hospitals

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